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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your school recognized?

The school has been fully licensed by the Ministry of Education since 1992.  Its courses are accredited by the Euro University and IMI.


Where is it located?

In Kappara/San Gwann minutes away from Sliema, Gzira, St. Julianís and Paceville. See school map at http://educationmalta.com/mapschool.html


Are you close to the beach?

The closest popular beach is in Sliema, only about five minutes away by local transport.


Do you have internet facilities?

Yes and its available free of charge after 12:15.


How many classrooms do you have?

Our main building has 13 classrooms.  During the summer months we will have another 30 classrooms available.


What is the average size of your classes?

Winter months 2 to 8 and summer months 6 to 12 students per class


How safe is Malta?

Malta is one of the safest places in the world. 


Do you offer help with visas?

We definitely do.  For entry visa information to Malta see http://educationmalta.com/visa.html


How do I recognize you at the airport?

Our representative will meet you holding an EEC logo sign.  In the event that you need visa assistance, then our representative will meeting you at the arrivals lounge before passport control and will assist you with your entry visa.


What the weather like in Malta?

Summer months from 28C to 32C and in winter months from 8C to 25C.  Sunny most of the year.


What is the minimum age to attend a program?

Minimum is 8 years of age.


What level of language skill do I have to have?

None, we accept all levels from complete beginners to advanced levels.


Do I have to take a placement test?

Yes, an English placement test is given the first day at school. The test lasts approximately 90 minutes. This allows us to evaluate your language skills and helps us place you in the correct classes.


How often do courses start?

We are open all year and courses start every day from Monday to Friday.


How long can I go for?

Most of our programs are very flexible and you can select your length of time, from 1 to 52 weeks in length. It is recommended however that one should take at least a minimum course of 4 weeks.


Do I receive a certificate at the end of the program?

Yes, you will receive a certificate according to the level you have achieved.


How are host families chosen?

We require that the families live within a reasonable distance from school, have ample living space, live in a clean, safe, comfortable environment, and enjoy hosting international students.  We provide free transport to school for host families that are more then 15 minutes walk away from school.


Do you organise excursions on the weekend?

Yes, we had a full and daily programme during the summer months.  In winter we organise weekend excursions.


Will I meet anyone if I go alone?

Yes of course.  You will meet other people with an interest in learning a language and discovering another culture. Not only will you meet other language travellers but you'll meet locals as well, at the school, in your homestay and as you travel.












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